The high quality of products is ensured by the use of advanced techniques

The Art Studio is located in London, where we work in a team of several people. We mainly deal with the creation of hand-painted glass products. These are glass sets, e.g. plates, candle holders and many other useful home decorations.
We work with flat glass. We cut out various shapes from it – from the simplest rectangles, through circles, to more complex animal figures. The painted ones go to a high-temperature furnace, where we form glass and fix the decorations.
Each glass is painted separately – we do not use decals. All presented products are decorated with proprietary designs and for this reason we have the opportunity to do something unusual. We are open to cooperation, we also take into account the individual tastes and orders of our clients
We would like our articles to create a nice and unique atmosphere in your homes. That they would be a useful element on your tables, bring joy and satisfaction from using them 🙂
We invite you to both single purchases and supply stores with glass sets. You can order in advance via the Internet and pick up at our Studio or order with delivery. Also abroad – then we discuss the cost separately, e.g. by e-mail.