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Each collection has its own character. the products are made by hand and each piece is different.

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Art Objects

The Art Objects collection is an exclusive work of particular value for collectors and art lovers. Remarkable glass sculptures with exquisite shapes and forms are handcrafted using ancient glass-making and engraving techniques. Beautiful in form and color, the sculptures will satisfy even the most demanding glass lovers and collectors. The Art Objects collection includes one-offs and limited editions, and each of the works is personally signed by the artists

Studio Line

The Studio Line collection includes utility works of art created in theĀ  manufactory. The colorful compositions fascinate with their shapes, and the imaginative animals will decorate and enliven any interior and will be present in the everyday life of glass lovers. The hand-made works are also eye-catching sculptures made of colored glass and objects that function as vases, candlesticks, fruit bowls, cups and vases for sweets or small items, and llamas with original shapes.

Outdoor Objects

The Outdoor Objects collection includes works created in theĀ  manufactory with a view to their installation in gardens, parks or on balconies. The sculptures in this collection include various external forms such as weather vane, illuminated objects and sculptures made of glass and steel. These works, fabulous in colors and forms, blend in perfectly with nature, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere in gardens and parks. The sculptures from the Outdoor Objects collection create a wonderful, unique atmosphere, giving the favorite places a magical, timeless charm.

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